PokerMatch rakeback

The rake and rakeback system at PokerMatch online poker room is important. We understand the importance of rake for us and the benefit of likely rakeback for you. Therefore, the team has worked hard to come up with a streamlined system to add more cash back to the list.


What is rakeback in poker?

The general concept of rakeback in poker is very popular, as it is based on the rake system – a kind of commission that brings additional profit to the casino. A rake in the gambling world is a certain fee for the game received. This fee is calculated by the poker room system in a commission format. At the cash tables, the rake is deducted from each hand.

It is with this frequency of rake used in the casino system of operation that PokerMatch offers players the opportunity to receive rakeback. This is actually a refund of a portion of the rake paid, the same commission that the poker room charged for the service.

For the consumer, these are additional financial bonuses to re-use, and for the casino, an opportunity to attract new users and diversify their gaming life with additional gifts.

What types of rakeback are there?

The PokerMatch online poker room has several rakeback varieties and ways of earning them. Indian players can choose the one they wish to use, or they can choose to cover the full rake range. However, for possible theoretical newcomers, we cover all options separately, both basic rakebacks and more unique options.

Basic PokerMatch rakeback is a refund of a certain percentage of the rake deposited. PokerMatch has a fixed rakeback percentage, which is 5%. Such extra cashback is nothing short of gratifying. However, it is an opportunity that every player can take advantage of at any time, simply by betting at a game. There are other rakeback offers at the casino, however.

These are temporary offers that are open at certain hours. These are promotional offers that the poker room system has introduced this year. Pokermatch rakeback 2022 is a double rakeback percentage for double the fun. Players have the opportunity to get up to 80% rakeback if they comply with certain conditions of this offer. It is worth remembering that this percentage can range from 5% to 80 and can be as low as 20%, as high as 50%, or as high as 80%.

Mention should also be made of the increased rakeback from poker affiliates. A player can come to the gambling world through such affiliates, i.e., partners with whom the casino has partnered to distribute to a large audience. They are the ones who can provide an additionally increased rakeback. And depending on the affiliate, it can be as much as 5% or 50%.

As you can see, the odds of getting rakeback are as varied as possible. All to ensure that the player has a choice as to which path they feel most comfortable taking. To find your own path to the extra rakebacks that have been waiting for.

How to use rakeback correctly to stay in the black?

In order for rakeback to be your access bonus to extra funds and not go to the player's disadvantage, it is worth keeping in mind certain peculiarities of its use. To ensure that every Indian player can squeeze all they can out of rake in Pokermatch - here are some basic game guidelines.

It is worth noting straight away that the most profitable use of rakeback will be with active poker players. Those who play regularly for several hours a day. The more hands a player plays in a month, the more rake points he will accumulate.

Also please note that rake points earned while playing Pokermatch will affect the rakeback level that the player is at. It is therefore recommended that you earn as many rake points as possible so that after 3 months the system will be able to increase your rakeback level and give you access to a higher rakeback percentage.

Such a level will earn the player even more rake points and therefore more real convertible money. However, keep in mind that even after reaching a certain level, it will not remain with you forever; it will change every three months. If a player has accumulated fewer points for the level he has reached – the system will move him to the level where he has enough points. Accordingly, the rakeback percentage will immediately decrease. Monitor the level calculation system carefully, so that you don't suddenly find yourself at the very beginning of the process.

Not only can playing poker actively generate significant rakeback profits, but participation in temporary promotions can also be beneficial. For example, participating in Omaha and Hold'em tournaments, where rakeback can be as high as 80%. Such offers are open at certain times on PokerMatch, but it is this increased percentage that can bring in more rake points for future conversions. Of course, there are certain rules behind each such promotion, which Indian users can read about on the official website under “Promotions”.

The rakeback options at Pokermatch are indeed varied, with their own features and rules. However, whichever rakeback method you choose, the basic premise remains the same: more bets – more points.

Pokermatch rakeback structure

The rake structure at cash tables in Pokermatch depends on two main factors: the number of players at the table and the minimum game limit. Although the classic rake percentage is 5%, the amount of rake will vary depending on these factors.

Therefore rake in Pokermatch will increase as the minimum bet increases and when there are four or more players at the table. If both factors are met, then the rake can really make you feel good.

However, it is important to note that only those players who receive cards are considered to be in play and can influence the rake. In addition, the poker room will not rake if the hand ends before the flop.

How is the rake calculated in Pokermatch?

In fact, calculating the rake is very quick and easy. After all, the system is set up for our player's convenience and needs.

During the month, users place bets, receive rake and accumulate points. It is these points that are later converted into real money. The base currency for the calculation will be the dollar. Thus, it is calculated as follows, at a rate of exchange of $1 to 500 INR, such an exchange, player will get $2 or 160 rupees.

The system also has a minimum point conversion limit of ₹500. Only after accumulating a minimum of 1,000 points will the system allow you to make an exchange for real money. It is therefore recommended that you work hard.

Increased rakeback, up to +80%

Big bonuses are always enjoyable.. Especially when they are 80%. In fact, as of May 2022, the poker room is giving you the opportunity to play at the Hold'em and Omaha cash tables with the possibility of a large rakeback. It can be either 20% or 80%. To do this, look out for the appropriate tick boxes that will appear next to the game you wish to play.

The offer will be activated between 3pm – 7pm (which is 17:30–21:30 on Indian time). Increased rakeback on games opened during this time will be credited to your account immediately. All you need to do is find a table marked appropriately and start playing on time.

In conclusion

The rake and rakeback system at PokerMatch is actively evolving. The team understands how important it is to create and maintain as many bonus opportunities as possible, both for your leisure time and for the development and profits of the casino itself. Rakeback is that extra chance to turn a bonus offer into a real earning system – you'll get real money from your own paid fees. And that requires careful calculations, active daily play and a well-thought-out strategy by a professional.

Today – theory, tomorrow – practice 5% rakeback, the day after tomorrow – focus on the level system, and only more and better!


What is the rake calculation system at Pokermatch?

The poker room system calculates Pokermatch rakeback using the Contributed system. In gaming, it is guided by the rake accrued on the amount of each player that has been deposited in the pot. Consequently, other players who have not bet can not expect to receive rakeback. The more bets a player places during the game – the more rakeback money he can receive.

What is the maximum rakeback percentage at Pokermatch?

Due to the structure of the rakeback system, the maximum rakeback can reach 40% of the deposit amount.

However, starting May 7, 2022, the online platform is also offering temporary active promotional rakebacks up to and including 80%. Follow these and other current offers on the official PokerMatch page.

How many levels of rakeback in Pokermatch?

The number of rakeback gradation levels in the PokerMatch online poker room is 9 positions. At the first entry-level, the player can very quickly accumulate the necessary minimum number of points to move up to level 2 with a rakeback of 5%. Going up from level 2 to 9 will bring +5% rakeback, and at the end, it will be 40%.

For the player to be able to progress to the next level, it is worth accumulating a certain number of points over a period of months. To maintain a level that has already been gained, this figure will be half that number. But the accumulation will require active play and regular betting. After all, the limit for the final – ninth - level will be 500,000 points, and for its maintenance – only half (250,000 points). So we recommend that you choose a level that you are confident you can cope with. For all the fixed points and terms and conditions, visit the promotions page on PokerMatch.